Calvin Harris to release new single this coming Friday

After continuing his top worldwide radio dominance with the infectious smash hit “This Is What You Came For” alongside superstar Rihanna, Calvin Harris took to Twitter to announce his new single, which will be out this coming Friday. As previously reported two weeks ago, Calvin Harris announced the cover of his forthcoming single and is now ready to unleash what he has been working on.

However, it is at this point unclear if the production will be another solo release, or was created as a collaborative effort. He previously announced his desire to team up with Kanye West, in a move surely inspired solely by a desire to assuage the churning of his artistic soul and not a misbegotten “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation. A source close to the Scottish superstar revealed the artist’s admiration and desire to collaborate with West to E-News!.

Titled “My Way”, the track is likely to be another output of his forthcoming album. Calvin Harris tweeted an artwork, together with the message “16th,” which could mean this Friday, Sept. 16.


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