The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey – Closer (Jauz Remix)

It’s no secret that The Chainsmokers’ collaboration with Halsey has become one of the biggest tracks of the year, having already topped the Billboard charts and been performed live at the VMAs. And as with any worldwide hit, producers are itching to remix it. Jauz is the latest in a long line of artists who have decided to put their own spin on ‘Closer‘, and on this occasion he takes a step away from his signature bass house sound in favour of a more electro sound.

The sky seems limitless for Jauz, so it does seem fitting that he puts his own spin on such a massive hit. Whilst the signature Jauz sound has taken the bass house scene by storm over the past year, he does seem to head in a new direction with this latest track. Jauz fans who are used to his hard hitting sounds may find this remix a bit undercooked, but nonetheless, it shows the versatility of the talented producer. Keeping the emotion of the original but turning it into a more upbeat, feel-good track fuelled by some powerful chords. And to make things even better, Jauz has given the remix away for free. Have a listen to the remix in full and download below.