The Chainsmokers & Phoebe Ryan tease new single ‘All We Know’

The Chainsmokers have recently been ever-present in the majority of the charts across the planet over the past couple of years and are set to continue that trend with vocalist Phoebe Ryan. A couple of days ago, the American duo teased the collaboration via their official snapchat, giving the world a taste of what’s to come.

Both artists have decided to entitle the track as ‘All We Know’ and have set the release date for this Friday – September 30th. Drew, one of the members of Chainsmokers, has confirmed that he’ll be doing the vocals alongside Phoebe, making it a great follow up to ‘Closer’. The Chainsmokers may have teased the track on their snapchat, but Phoebe teased the track on her FaceBook page by uploading a video to her feed, meaning it’s open for the public to see whenever they like.

The duo have set the bar very high with their most recent tracks, so ‘All We Know’ could be destined to hit the Billboard Hot 100 & take the world by storm. Keep a look out for any updates on Friday as to when you can get/hear the track in full!

Check out Phoebe Ryan’s preview/teaser now via the link below: