Daft Punk classics receiving gold plated vinyl re-release

It looks as though the legendary French electronic act Daft Punk may well be set to make a return to the music scene in 2016. After the release of their banging new collaboration with The Weeknd entitled Starboy today, even more exciting news has emerged for Daft fans.

The duo appear to have grouped together with art magazine Toiletpaper to celebrate selling one million copies and so the legendary French act are re-releasing one of their biggest ever singles Da Funk on a special gold plated vinyl disc. The release will see another track from their debut 1997 album Homework on the flipside and that tune is Teachers which was a homage to the groups vast and diverse list of musical influences ranging all the way from The Beach Boys member Brian Wilson all the way to techno pioneer and overall dance music legend Jeff Mills.

The gold plated disc features a cover image from an older edition of Toiletpaper as well as branding the classic Daft Punk logo which was seen on their Homework album cover. The record is out today and can be purchased from toilerpapermagazine.org, The Vinyl Factory online or at The Store, 180 The Strand, London.

For hardcore fans of one of dance musics biggest acts this should be seen as a real collector’s item as there is only 1,000 copies available and they’re currently selling at £50 a piece.