Dannic presents Fonk Recordings ADE label night

When Dannic, formally known as Daan Romers, announced his label’s debut at ADE last year, people turned heads for all of the right reasons. And with Fonk Recordings going from strength to strength in recent times, he has managed to unshackle himself, and his portfolio, from Hardwell and Revealed Recordings.
While it helped nurture his talent and understanding of the industry, his pursuit to support new talent was limited under his old mentor. Which made Fonk Recordings launch in Amsterdam last year even more impressive. Reflecting the continue growth of dance music globally, ADE 2016 is set to be the biggest to date, drawing fans and industry representative’s from all four corners of the world.

Driving around is the ‘demo bus’, Dannic trotted around the Dutch capital to listen to aspiring DJ/Producers work, offering them advice and the opportunity to go even further. However, this year, the scale and magnitude of the label’s plans reflect the impressive growth it has experience in a short space of time.
Taking center stage at the Escape deLux venue, Dannic will be presenting his label’s signature night at ADE from 11pm to 4am on the 19th of October. And if the line-up below doesn’t impress you regarding its elevation in just 365 days, then we don’t know what will! Showcasing the imprints talent’s, the legendary venue will be hosting some of the hottest names releasing dance music today.

You can grab your tickets today, and check out the event page for one of the most popular ADE label nights for more details!

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