Duke Dumont cancels show mid-set after being spat on

British house DJ and producer Duke Dumont has decided to bring a set at Canada’s Edmonton Hall to an abrupt end after rowdy punters spat and threw drinks on the stage and his mixing equipment from culprits apparently standing in the tier directly above Dumont’s set up. Duke Dumont, who is currently on a North American tour with support from ascending Australian producer Hayden James, suddenly stopped the music mid-track to address the patrons in question.

 “I’m sorry guys, People up here are spitting on me. I’m sorry, I know you paid good money, but I don’t get paid enough to get spat on. They’ve spit all over the CDJs. If you’re brave enough, come the fuck down to the stage. If you’re mad enough to spit, you’re mad enough to come right up here.”

Dumont apologized to the crowd over and over again, but it was clear that he’d had enough, especially given the hecklers and booing from the crowd. Seeking retribution for the callous, cowardly act, he challenged the culprits to come down and take the responsibility for their behaviour. How would you have reacted to the whole situation?

Check out the video of the incident below. Dumont begins his rant around the 50 seconds mark.


H/T Dancing Astronaut

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