EDX – Omertà

In honor of their 350,000 fan Facebook reach, Swiss Native EDX is releasing a free download of single, “Omertà”, for a two- week span. Prepping for his upcoming tour hitting this fall, “Omertà’ serves as a treat to his devoted following, who have supported his long, successful, and innovative career. Famous for his sunset sets, EDX adds a new tempo to this single that steers from his original upped harmonies. In comparison to his chart-topping hit, “My Friend”, and tunes that have been played during the course of his current Roadkill Summer tour, “Omertà” spins a different vibe entirely, and invites listeners to a side of him they’ve yet to experience.

Once an unreleased vocal- laden song, now comes to the forefront as an instrumental. With a much deeper and earthy undertone, the single engulfs powerful riffs and beautifully placed beat progressions. The synth work alone is enough to make this song a hit, but with that and a boldly places piano medley and strings to follow, this deep-rooted hit is a true testament to EDX’s pristine, one of a kind releases. Sure to be a hit on his upcoming tour, “Omertà” certainly sets the bar how for what’s to come with his talented producer.

Listen and don’t forget to grab your free download of “Omertà” here.

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