Premiere: Enzo Bennet – Naga

A camp to talent among other things, mau5trap‘s artist roster is undoubtedly among the creme de la creme of present day Music labels. And with a head-honcho like Zimmerman at the helm, quality is a prerequisite to be on the ship. One of the latest additions to the arsenal is French national and London-mentored producer Enzo Bennet who stands shoulder to shoulder with the new crop of artists on mau5trap such as Eekkoo, REZZ, ATTLAS, No Mana, Mord Fustang among others. Taking heed from their mutual dedication to quality, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Enzo Bennet and mau5trap had become the perfect match in the latter half of 2014 when the Frenchman released his ‘Colours EP‘ on the label.

He now returns to the charts with a single, from the ‘We Are Friends, Vol. 5‘ compilation release from mau5trap, titled ‘Naga‘. While talking to TheMusicNinja here, Bennet describes the production process behind his music as follows:

When it comes to music, for me, it’s not about seeing something or hearing something, and feeling inspired to create something because of it. My brain doesn’t work like that. It’s more of a subliminal, unconscious build up of experiences and feelings that manifest themselves without me even realizing. My ideas come in bursts and at strange times.

And that seems to be precisely the case with ‘Naga’. A heavily layered work, donning not just a scintillating melody but also the tempo-shifts the likes of which are rare in the Progressive Music production scene at present. The ability to make a track to which the listener can relax at one play and then be infused with energy in another is in fact what ‘Naga‘ embodies. Progression at its finest, the energy levels on this release are just what we require from an artist who is touted to make it big in the industry.

You can purchase this statement track from one of mau5trap’s finest here through iTunes.

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