Galantis & Hook N Sling’s latest collaboration ‘Love On Me’ set for release

It’s general consensus among Dance Music fans world over that if one needs top notch and innovative music, they need not look beyond the Swedish duo of Galantis. Having already rocked the scene upside down with their popular releases ‘Runaway (U & I)‘, ‘Gold Dust‘ and ‘In My Head‘ from their 2015 album ‘Pharmacy,’ reviewed in detailed by us over here, the duo seem to be having a purple patch of sorts with their output. And the duo now look to combine with Australian multi-platinum record producer & DJ Anthony Maniscalco, better known to all as Hook n Sling, whose remixes for The Presets’ ‘Fall‘ and Galantis’ ‘Gold Dust‘ and originals such as ‘Reason‘ along with NERVO have turned him into a scene favorite. With the collaboration sorted, the two production maestro’s combined in some style as their effort titled ‘Love On Me‘ was premiered by the Swedes on their Facebook page.

With the premiere around, it was still early doors to say when the track would be out but the collaborators steered the fans to excitement after announcing that the single would be released on the coming Friday.

Hype aside, quite a release it is assured to be. Featuring typical Pop vocals as is the case with the majority of their tracks, both artists have hit the nail on its head with this release. Fit for radio shows, a charmer when played live and a statement track for any artist – the track has it all for the listeners. The track, for what its worth, is a proper collaboration in so much so that one can’t really tell what it is that either Galantis or Hook N Sling brought to the table when they made this. Assured to take over the charts like all their previous releases, for the fans it is great times because they’re given what they want – more music from their favorite two artists.

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