Garmiani gets all of his equipment and ongoing productions stolen

While on his way to his studio, Swedish producer Garmiani lost all of his equipment from an unidentified suspect. From a video he posted on his Facebook page, he revealed that he had left his backpack with his production laptop and backup hard drives inside and that someone had taken it while he was gone. As a result, Garmiani lost his ongoing productions, which include his next single and three unreleased collaborations with some major artists.

In addition, Garmiani lost the DJ set he prepared for a gig in Las Vegas prior to the incident as well as all of his other USB drives. All of his sound banks and files are also gone, which is truly an unfortunate situation for this up-and-coming producer. Hopefully, Garmiani finds the perpetrator of this horrid act and gets back what he has worked hard for throughout his career. If anyone receives information about the thief, please contact Garmiani immediately.