Gorillaz revamp website and unveil new Instagram account

The rumors of the Gorillaz’ long-awaited return have been circling around since 2014 but recently, it was confirmed that the English virtual band is in the process of creating a new studio album. The group had also revealed that they will be releasing it in 2017 and that they are featuring hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg and American trio De La Soul.

As fans anxiously wait for it, the hype for this album has certainly been building up. Though, with the high reputation Gorillaz possess, it would be hard to imagine that this release will disappoint especially with the names that have been announced to take part in it.

In the midst of their production, Gorillaz have just revamped their website, in which several of their music videos are placed on the front page along with an online store coming soon. Additionally, the group finally launched their own Instagram account. Their posts follow a timeline of their career, which dates back to their early beginnings in 2000.

So far, Gorillaz have not officially announced anything regarding their upcoming album but expect some news to surface especially as the album’s release date comes closer. Check out some of their first posts below:

In the beginning…

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Tomorrow Comes Today

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