JETFIRE push dance music in the right direction with their innovative approach

For electronic music, 2016’s visionary ideas have laminated the scene as a staple in today’s commercial music spectrum. Introducing fans to DJ aliases, intricate stage designs, and endless support for genre-freeform, the sky’s been the limit for those who dare a career in this inflating environment. Among those umbrella’d in the revolution, are Belgium’s own JETFIRE who’ve manufactured a live performance experience unlike anything we’ve seen so far.

Engineered around film scores and Rock n’ roll, the group’s 3-year journey into EDM propelled support from industry greats like Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack, Blasterjaxx and more. With tracks “Guest List”, “Boombox”, and 2016’s “I Feel”, JETFIRE’s unique concept and distinctive sound has pushed them top single digits in the Main Top 100 charts since their birth in 2013.

What put them on the map as far as competition however, was their 2016 performance at Tomorrowland’s ‘Dreamville’ stage. Here, in front of thousands, the group shocked fans with electric guitar mayhem. Internationally becoming a force, JETFIRE has taken their explosive routine to Belgium, China, Italy, Israel and more, where the intimate cohesion of electronic music and Rock have floored all those who gather. The trio have gone on record saying,

We want to bring that ‘LIVE’ factor into our sets and show the crowd we are more than dj’s.

DJ Mag’s Top 100 has always been a great medium where we all can come together and celebrate the industry’s capital artists. But with each new year comes more opportunity for growth. Back when Rock n’ roll had just begun, its popularity wasn’t based upon recognition but more rebellion; By JETFIRE including such behavior, they’re making a statement that EDM isn’t as black and white as people see it to be. Their music is subversive, and for that, their names will surely reign supreme among this year’s countdown.

JETFIRE is special, but their special with a purpose. Not only are they throwing the rule book out the window, their creating their own with material all pertaining to originality and musical liberation.

For more on JETFIRE follow their official Soundcloud page, and don’t forget to vote them as DJ Mag’s top of 2016.

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