Julian Jordan – Midnight Dancers

Julian Jordan‘s talent in composing electronic music has taken him from his humble roots in The Netherlands to international fame. Whether creating melodic, raucous or sophisticated 4/4 pieces, his mastery over music production remains at a nearly untouchable standard. Following a series of successful releases like “Pilot“, “A Thousand Miles” or his freebie “Rebound“, the producer has returned with a feel-good track that conjures memories of golden afternoons and warm, summer nights.

Entitled “Midnight Dancers”, the track features a catchy hook before progressing into an airy, synth-laden drop. Comprised of electrifying chords and pop-tinged synths, “Midnight Dancers” materializes the catchy spark between Julian Jordan and his vocalist, who lightens the affair. This crescendos into the production’s climax where the producer really leans into the sashaying future bass-inspired backbeat while opening things up, at once increasing the already potent dance-ability while also significantly pumping up the energy.

Somewhere between party-starter and kick-back territory, Julian Jordan executes on innovative grounds. “Midnight Dancers” glosses with adaptability, suited for car rides with the volume up or the moments that kick off long nights out. “Midnight Dancers” illuminates a standard to which fans of the Dutch producer have become accustomed – one that only hones himself over time as he continues to ascend internationally.

Comprised of music and sarcasm. Based in Amsterdam

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