Kolsch – Grey EP

Back with a monstrous new release on Michael Mayer’s acclaimed Kompakt label, the great Dane Kolsch is back with a heavy new 2 track EP entitled “Grey“.

Having teased the title track out on his Facebook a number of months ago and then playing “Kir” for the first time at Sonar in Spain back in June, they’ve finally been released after months of waiting. Dropping two glorious progressive/techno weapons, “Grey” is the sort of dance-floor destroyer that you’d expect to hear during the peak of a set which will totally tear apart the audience. Opening up with a pulsating kick drum which slowly builds until an incredible trumpet like hook kicks in, this has to be one of the most powerful and effective tracks released this year.

“Kir” is somewhat reminiscent of one of Kolsch’s biggest tracks – Loreley and features a wild rising  synth which moves throughout the tune until a breakdown section which sees the synth moving in a different direction before firmly dropping back into its original pattern. The progressive element is felt in this track as small parts are added and as the production goes on various rhythmic parts keep the track interesting. Both tracks feature that signature Kolsch production and that is what sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Once again he’s been able to create two dance floor weapons which will go down a total storm among DJs because of their effect on a crowd.

The Grey EP is out now exclusively on Beatport and releases everywhere else on 30th September.