KSHMR & Tigerlily – Invisible Children (KSHMR Remix)

Indian-American producer KSHMR recently released his massive collaboration with Australian DJ Tigerlily. Titled “Invisible Children”, the track features a combination of KSHMR’s Indian-inspired sounds and Tigerlily’s notorious Melbourne Bounce style, which overall provides an immense amount of energy perfect for any festival or night club atmosphere.

This release, however, received many allegations of copying another artist’s original work. Fans noticed strong similarities between KSHMR and Tigerlily’s record with a track called “IndiRasta” from a small-known producer named Jango. KSHMR did explain the reason behind the coincidental resemblance, stating that the two productions simply used the same sound pack.

Despite these claims, “Invisible Children” still achieved a lot of success as it just hit the #1 spot on the Beatport charts. As a token of gratitude for the fans who supported the release, KSHMR just dropped a soothing remix of his original track alongside Tigerlily. Unlike the heart-pumping and electrifying first version, this new rendition takes it slow and rejuvenates the ears with its gorgeous melodic breakdowns.

While still keeping the original vocals, this remix astounds the audience with a series of flute sounds that are quite amazing to listen to. Even though this new version lacks the energy the original track consists of, KSHMR’s remix is still a must-hear tune from start to finish and proves once again why the Indian-American is one of the most creative and versatile producers in the business.

The remix is out now and you can receive a free copy by sending your receipts for “Invisible Children” to [email protected]. You can download the original track here.