KSHMR & Will Sparks- “Voices”

Released via Spinnin’ Records, KSHMR & Will Sparks have finally revealed their beautifully structured piece, “Voices”. Available now for a free download, “Voices” is a progressive hit compiled of Indian harmonies and melodic textures; all which cohesively blend with the duo’s upbeat chord placements. The track, an obvious KSHMR tune, highlights the Californian’s signature big house tempos and refined synth work. Australia’s own Will Spark however, still remains devoted to his upbeat, bouncy rhythms. His fans however, might be pleasantly surprised with this one and both parties alternative bass, and synth placement trickled throughout.

“Voices” brings listeners in with echos and a steadily built foundation; all encompassed by beautiful Indian vocals and a steadily, increased climax. The drop, high energy enough to transition the single into a new tune entirely, umbrellas enough momentum to distinguish both KSHMR and Will Sparks unique works. A perfect track to fit the change of seasons, “Voices” is a reminder that sometimes going out of ones comfort zone can lead to a sound unlike anything on the market today.

Both KHSMR and Will Spark did a fantastic job showcasing their own music, while never overshadowing the other to reach their heighten potential. Listen to “Voices” below and don’t forget to take advantage of your free download as well.

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