Spinnin’ tease upcoming KSHMR & Will Sparks collaboration ‘Voices’

KSHMR is back again and has struck out his third collaboration with an Australian producer as he has previously worked alongside top class Australian DJs/Producers Timmy Trumpet, creating ‘Toca’ and Tigerlily, creating ‘Invisible Children’ which came out earlier this month. This time he has created ‘Voices’ with the man responsible for making the Melbourne bounce sound go global, Will Sparks. The Melbourne Bounce king gets bigger and bigger each year and is constantly reaching new heights too, having done things he hasn’t done before such as singing on his own tracks (in ‘Another Land’) and now this may be the biggest collaboration for Sparks yet.

‘Voices’ really does combine the best of KSHMR and Will Sparks as they fuse together their styles & sounds in this masterpiece. It all starts with dreamy vocals and vocal chops, fuelled by a gated chord progression which starts to open up as the track starts to gain more & more energy. When ‘Voices’ drops, you can hear a typical melbourne bounce/Will Sparks type vocal cut surrounded by bouncy synths & pads, infused with a kick drum.

The track will be released and available to everyone on September 26th, but Spinnin’ have treated us all to a very long preview, which includes the first half of the song (including the drop) which you can check out below via Spinnin’s Facebook: