Listen: Avicii’s unreleased single “Without You”

What a year it has been for Avicii! Following the 26 year-old DJ’s announcement for an early retirement due to health problems, he has been dropping numerous IDs in his festival sets. With his highly anticipated album still in the works, we can expect him to incorporate some of these IDs in the album. “Without You” was first played at Ultra Music Festival in Miami earlier this year and it has certainly caught the attention of some die-hard Avicii fans.

“Without You” was the introductory track to his set; alongside his other IDs – “Heaven” and “Forever Yours”, we can look forward to an album filled with masterful melodies and upbeat vocals. Known for the versatility and ability to derive cheery progressions from conventional instruments, Avicii has certainly made a name for himself as one of the top DJs in the world.

Breaking in with an inviting electric guitar riff, Avicii has set a buoyant tone for the track. Combined with hypnotic vocals and encouraging lyrics, “Without You” certainly possesses the potential to be the next radio favorite. Furthermore, Avicii did not neglect his roots  – by layering simple guitar stringing on a steady bass line, he gave this track the iconic “Avicii” flare.

Check it out below!