deadmau5’s hit “Strobe” receives an astounding remix from Feed Me

One of deadmau5’s biggest releases throughout his notorious career would undoubtedly be his melody-driven track titled “Strobe”. This particular record has received a couple of remixes from the likes of Michael Woods and Plump DJs in the past but of course, nothing comes close to the brilliant and top-notch production level the original version possesses.

However, deadmau5’s long-time friend Jon Gooch, or best known as Feed Me, may have provided the remix that would arguably compete with deadmau5’s renowned masterpiece. Recently, Feed Me played his rework of “Strobe” in front of a big crowd and the entire venue went absolutely crazy.

Giving tribute to his early beginnings with mau5trap, Feed Me provides his own twist to this classic track and fuses in his signature techno sounds. While retaining the original’s mind-boggling melodic sequence, the English producer attaches a bass-heavy drop that has the capability of energizing any club or festival in the future.

After releasing his highly successful LP ‘Feed Me’s Family Reunion’, Feed Me has set himself up for another massive record, which would solidify his status as one of the industry’s best producers even more. Successfully remixing any of deadmau5’s original tracks, by any means, is not an easy task, but Feed Me has shown his abilities to do so with this outstanding rendition of “Strobe”.

Check out the track below as featured on Matisse & Sadko’s radio show ‘Monomark Radio’. The remix begins around the 51:45 mark.