Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha – In The Name of Love (VITIZE Remix)

VITIZE are a German DJ/Producer duo hailing from the humble metropolis of Essen. Formally known as Alexander Poliak and Alexander Jenni, the pair have created some of the most impressive material we’ve heard from a developing portfolio.

Including four originals and four tracks from their Bootlegs and Remixes channel, their music has attracted some of the dance music scene’s biggest names. Remixing Tiesto and Don Diablo’s distinctive “Chemicals”, as well as a highly supported rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” by the likes of Nicky Romero, VITIZE’s work has been included in dozens of sets and podcasts by the industry’s elite.

Gaining over 100,000 plays on average, their biggest remixes are joined by originals that reflect a more creative flare and character to their music. Focusing on a Progressive/Electro House sound, VITIZE’s latest remix is attracting some major attention. With over 10,000 plays in under two weeks, their consistency is starting to reap reward.

Taking on Martin Garrix’s collaboration with Bebe Rexha “In The Name of Love“, the duo have put a spell-binding progressive twist on the mainstream hit. Using the infectious vocal layer, VITIZE place a melodic masterpiece within their re-imagined composition. Swapping out many of the original elements for their own, their insertion of drawn chords and symphonic synths brings around a wholesome atmosphere to the additional rhythmic beats.

In with a real shout of being our favorite remix to date, VITIZE continue to prove their value and status as one of Germany’s finest exports in recent times. Better still, you can get the full version of the remix as a Free Download. Check out the link below and grab your copy today!

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