Martin Garrix unveiled on cover of Vogue magazine

Martin Garrix is already renowned as one of the most desired and in-demand artists in the dance music scene. However his relatively recent and ever-expanding endeavors are quickly making him one of the most marketable faces in the music industry as a whole. 
Recently debuting in the modeling industry, Martin Garrix’ first shoot is proving somewhat of a success with his adoring fans. The female members in particular. Covered in dirt and posing alongside a rather attractive female, one could look at Garrix with relatively envy.
Going from a crowd member at Tomorrowland, to hosting the main stage three years later, his elevation has come from consistent output, a willingness to learn and a crude change in management. Receiving major coverage earlier this year, his split from Spinnin’ Records comparably overshadowed his consequential move to Justin Bieber’s management.
Joining the iconic manager Scooter Braun, Martin Garrix has seen massive expansion and diversification as a name and brand this year. From announcing his very own label, to confirmed collaborations with the likes of Justin Bieber and Sebastian Ingrosso, to even debuting on American TV, he’s done what many artists take years to do in a very short space of time.
Reflected initially by his partnership projects in collaboration with the beverage 7UP, his more human side has also been able to shown under the spotlight. Hosting a concert for the deaf as part of the 7UP partnership, his wider perspective was refreshing to see from such a young individual.
Not to overshadow his rightfully reputed musical activity, he most recently teased an upcoming third collaboration with Matisse & Sadko. Something of which we can safely say we are more than excited to hear in full in the near future.
Now modeling for the reputed magazine Vogue, Martin Garrix is having the biggest year of his career. As evident below, his emerging hybrid status between fashion and music, is one similar to that of fellow dance music starlet, Kygo. Featuring in its male Dutch edition, his elevating status this year does bring serious food for thought regarding his possible DJ Mag Top100 ranking…

ANOTHER MILESTONE! His first Vogue cover ???

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