Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix denies rumors of him taking the #1 spot at DJ Mag 2016

Martin Garrix has experienced major success in a short space of time. From a one-trick pony with big room tracks, he has heavily invested in improving the breadth of the sound in his output, and the caliber of his skill set.

Going from 4th place, to the 3rd position in last year’s DJ Mag Top 100 Poll, Martin Garrix has put considerable effort throughout 2016. Working on his debut album and laying out impressive collaborations thanks to his desire and manager Scooter Braun, the flying Dutchman has undertaken exponential experimentation and exploration within the studio and industry.

Now with a loyal following, and this year’s Poll nearing ever closer, some fans are looking for clues to what the number may be this year. And the latest one has brought a fair bit of speculation.

With the AMF Arena releasing their stacked line-up for the weekend of 22nd to 23rd October, but alluding to featuring the yet-to-be-announced No.1 DJ for 2016, fans swiftly moved to voicing their theories. However, the truth behind it was seemingly quashed promptly after, with Martin Garrix stating he was unaware of the poll’s rankings, with his schedule not including a performance at AMF. 

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