Matisse & Sadko tease launch of their upcoming label

Russian DJ/Production duo Matisse & Sadko have become one of the biggest groups in mainstream dance music over the past number of years. Their massively effective blend of melodies and sounds with huge tracks such as Memories and their absolutely classic remix of Beating Of My Heart have ensured that they’re one of the most in demand groups in the genre and after releasing on practically every big dance label there is, the duo have decided to start their own imprint.

Posting a short teaser video onto their YouTube page today, and revealing the name of the label as Monomark Music, the 30 second clip doesn’t provide us with a lot of information but does reveal that the label will be independent meaning the group can release whatever types of music they want and will have full artistic control over the label. At a time when many larger record labels tie down smaller acts with ridiculous record contracts it’s good to see many going independent to allow them to fully express their personal creative demands.

You can catch the clip below: