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Nicky Romero takes us through production of ‘Novell’ in masterclass

Nicky Romero has uploaded a new full studio masterclass, teaching you how to write a song and giving you many other production tips, as part of his studio masterclass series. This is the second episode in the series with many more to come as Nicky is always keen to reward his fans for all their love and support, stating at the beginning of the tutorial “Sometimes you just want to give something back to everybody who’s been supporting you for a long time

Within the video, Nicky guides us through his track ‘Novell’, explaining how he came up with the idea, where he gets his sounds from and how he generally works as a producer. While doing this, Nicky offers a numerous amount of tips and tricks that can help you overcome a lot of typical production problems that many producers, new or old, go through.

The video on the whole gives a huge insight as to how producers as big as Nicky Romero work within the studio so this is a must-see video for producers of any level, unless you’re bigger than Romero himself!

Watch the full video in the link below and keep an eye out for part 2: