NICKYP & Da Rave – Monstra

NICKYP has gone from a status of elevating talent, to one of New York’s most prominent dance music producers. Continuing to delve into relatively untapped avenues and modifications of the Electro House sub-genre, his heavy incorporation of rolling bass, volume and fusing of genre’s has heavily influenced his rise within the scene.

After the category-bending nature of his previous track “Metallic” saw it feature of Ummet Ozcan‘s podcast, ‘Innerstate’, NICKYP’s portfolio is becoming increasingly impressive and expansive. After providing much lauded bootleg’s of some of the industry’s biggest names, his name started to bounce around the international scene.

Simultaneous to this, his work on tracks such as “Nostalgia”, “Oblivion” and “Passion” has led to his humble fan base expand into a dominant loyalty for the native New Yorker. With over 30 episodes of his Recon Radio concept also, NICKYP now comfortably draws over 100,000 plays on every release.

His latest work alongside Russian trio Da Rave, “Monstra”, demonstrates the young DJ/Producer‘s ongoing diversification and experimentation of the dance music genre. Bringing around a chance for a new dynamic with their emerging, hard-hitting sound, the three DJ/Producers have remixed the likes of Alesso and releases on Pyro Records to great avail.

Laying out a foundation of scratched bass house, NICKYP and Da Rave go on to infuse elements of not only Hip-Hop, but also trap, to the bassy-electro template. In turn providing a nostalgic hint with the vocal overlay, the deeper overtone’s of the bass and warped melodies combine in ferocious fashion. Creating a monstrous atmosphere as the title suggests, the work is catered to ignite every corner of a dancefloor.

Continuing to push boundaries with another genre-clash, NICKYP and Da Rave’s “Monstra” is set for release on Peak Hour Music on September 19th. Check out the full preview below and grab your copy today!

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