Otto Knows, iSHi and Didrick silently leave At Night Management

After recent news about Axwell /\ Ingrosso leaving Ash Pournouri’s At Night Management in order to rekindle their cooperative partnership with former Swedish House Mafia manager Amy Thomson, further news have emerged concerning Ash Purnouri’s power brand. According to a reliable source, more artist have followed Axwell /\ Ingrosso and silently left At Night. Surprinsingly, this affects Otto Knows, iSHi and Didkrick.

It is at this point unclear in which direction the artists are heading, nor what led to the current circumstances. However, it is fait to say that At Night is going through some dire straits. These information are affecting solely the artists mentioned above and should not be connected with other acts under their roster such as Cazzette or Aron Chupa.

At Night was founded in 2008 by Ash Pournouri and managed to establish itself quickly as one of the most renowned artist management agencies in the dance industry. Ash Pournouri is often credited with the monumental success of Avicii and managed to create a multi-mullion dollar brand along with his rise to stardom.

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