Porter Robinson’s career defining “Spitfire” EP turns 5 years old

His album Worlds may have been released already two years ago, but Porter Robinson is still immersed in the seemingly endless afterglow of his masterpiece. In fact, his new indie, eletropop direction has guided him into global superstardom and open him new doors as he tours around the world headlining shows of varying sizes.

As Porter Robinson wraps up his summer festival tour, one of his game changing and career defining EPs celebrates it’s birthday today. It’s been exactly 5 years since the release of Porter’s “Spitfire”. With his passion for anthemic synth melodies and the consequential signature sound that evolved over the years, Porter Robinson made little doubt about who would be the next big hit in the dance music industry. The EP, which was later released on Skrillex’ OWSLA imprint, spread like wildfire  around the globe for months on end, as well as on almost every festival main stage. The mini album helped catapult his already abrupt career into new spheres.

“Spitfire”, an album that truly exemplifies the music prowess of the then-rising talent, caught the attention of many A-List producers, whereas some powerful remixes such as Knife Party’s “Unison” remix, Kill The Noise’s “Spirfire” remix as well as Skism’s take on “The State” landed on OWSLA’s first ever released EP. But let just the music speak for itself.

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