Sam Feldt and Lucas & Steve receive platinum certification for ‘Summer on You’

Tropical house sensation Sam Feldt and future house duo Lucas & Steve collaborated earlier this year and created ‘Summer on You‘. This hit featured the soulful vocals of Wulf alongside acoustic guitars & steel drum sounds, giving it the recipe to become a perfect summer anthem. Since the release, it has gained over 19.5 millions views on Spotify, 4.6 million views on YouTube & 2.7 million views on Soundcloud, which shows it has seen an enormous amount of success worldwide.

Within both artists’ home country, the Netherlands, it has had over 3,000 sold downloads and nearly 6 million streams. With these figures, the artists were eligible to receive a platinum record from their home country. They were invited to visit the Spotify office and as a surprise, were greeted by the Dutch TV show RTL Boulevard where they filmed them receiving the award.

With massive support from various influential figures within the industry such as David Guetta, Tiesto & Oliver Heldens, playing it live and on their own respective radio shows, it’s no surprise that ‘Summer on You’ has reached this level of success. If you haven’t heard ‘Summer on You’ before, you can listen to the track and watch the official music video below: