Sebastian Ingrosso

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash’s “Reload” turns 4 years old

Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash created something rather special four years ago. Forming what would go onto to be one of the most distinctive and timeless tracks from the first half of the decade, they etched their names firmly into dance music history.

Fusing their two popular and distinguished sounds in even fashion, the instrumental lended itself as evidence that Progressive House, and its extended format, was far from dead. Sitting at around six minutes in length, the scratchy underlays within the introduction bed out a solid foundation for that melody. 

So Sebastian Ingrosso, yet so Tommy Trash, the track was played tens of thousands of times around the globe at a whole range of clubs and festivals, and is still a fan favourite today. Garnering nearly 7.5 million plays, the original instrumental’s numbers speaks for itself. Especially in such a saturated lyrical industry. Followed by the vocal version several months later, the voice of John Martin propelled the track to the top end of numerous charts across the globe.

Adding to Sebastian Ingrosso’s portfolio’s of radio successes, and putting Tommy Trash into another tier of recognition, the official music video has over 50 million views and counting. Now in entering its fourth year, the track itself will no doubt bring fond memories for nearly of you out there.

Relive it, and its glorious atmosphere, below and lets us know your thoughts on where it stands within dance music history.

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