Skrillex humble

Watch: Skrillex performance at Burning Man 2016

Once again, Skrillex returned to the ‘biggest’ Burning Man festival yet. A persona who is eager to become immersed in the entire atmosphere and experience of an event, his set certainly reflected it.

Also joining Skrillex at the now iconic Camp Questionmark event, were like of fellow Jack U member, Diplo, alongside a whole array of high profile artist’s from a variety of sub-genre’s and nations. But the headlining act, at a festival with a theme so intangible yet so attractive. was only going to be one person.

Taking his position behind the deck’s on Wednesday, Skrillex wasn’t wholesomely accepted by the crowd it seemed prior to the performance. The Black Rock City organizers did cop some criticism for the appointment and recruitment of more dance music talent this year, this purist’s claiming it was against the core and founding values of the event. And while they went off and did their own thing in protest for the high profile inclusions, the mass majority got to witness the musical magicians madness.

Playing out a delightful array of electronic music and its diverse ability to fuse with a multitude of genre’s, Skrillex provides an hour-long show filled with some of his consistent feature tracks, his staple dubstep tunes, modern bass music, as well as intertwining it with renowned rap and rock anthems.

Starting at 4.45 in the video below, watch Skrillex’s set below! You can grab the 34-song tracklist here.

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