Tiësto & Armin Van Buuren’s “Wonder Where You Are” turns 16

Tiësto and Armin Van Buuren are two titanic forces of dance music. A status that they’ve held for well over a decade now, their career’s shall always remain in the genre’s folklore and heritage.

Having collaborated a number of times over the years, some of their earlier teamwork has been lost to the elements of time. Now reaching is 16th anniversary, Tiësto and Armin Van Buuren’s project under the alias ‘Major League’ is one of the most nostalgic tracks for some of the first generations of dance music lovers.

Coming as both an instrumental and vocal version, “Wonder Where You Are” carried a timeless essence from the opening chord. Releasing on Black Hole Recordings, a label Tiësto co-owned at the time, the track recruited the vocal talents of Carmen Van Del Brakel. Going on work with another one of the scene’s historic icon’s, Sasha, Carmen was one of the first lyrical vocalists to have regular appearances within the scene.

Combining Progressive House elements with the Trance basis Tiësto and Armin Van Buuren were all too familiar with, the nearly 10 minute long track was played in hundreds of nightclubs across the globe. Gaining a number of remixes over the years, the original format will forever be a fan favourite.

Filled with one of the most infectious melodies of the early part of last decade, the tracks rhythmic pulsations will no doubt bring back fond memories for many of you today. Check out the full vocal version below and let us know your thoughts and memories of the track!

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