Tiësto’s trance classic “Traffic” turns 13 years old today

When many people think of trance they think of Tiesto. The Dutch DJ/Producer has been a long-standing figure in the dance music scene for well over two decades and while the music he makes and plays today isn’t anywhere near trance, back in the 90s and early 00s he was the undisputed king of the genre with his masterful mixes and incredible “In Search of Sunrise” compilations as well as a number of genre-defining albums and tracks-one of which turns 13 years old today.

The 2003 hit entitled “Traffic” was without a doubt one of the Dutchman’s biggest weapons in his sets and was a huge tune for years in the genre. The pumping, pounding blend of hard-hitting drums and that oh-so iconic synth line made this one of the biggest tracks of the 00s, and for good reason, it was an absolute banger. Released today in 2003, the record was also a huge commercial success and topped the Dutch singles charts which was incredible at the time. As well as this it hit third in Belgium and also 11th in the Hungarian dance charts too.

The seminal synth riff made this one of trances biggest ever tunes and is a melody so instantly recognisable even to people who don’t know the name of the track. So on it’s 13th birthday lets look back at one of the biggest trance track ever made: