Tim Berg’s club anthem “Alcoholic” turns 7

Tim Berg was the forefather of the Avicii movement. A movement that saw a quiet Swedish talent, turn into a global megastar and brand. And while Avicii has bowed out of performing and touring, his entire portfolio continues to celebrate anniversaries.

At 7 minutes and 30 seconds of blissful progressive house “Alcoholic” is the embodiment of Tim Berg’s long-format dance music capabilities. Primed for the blossoming club scene at the time, his artistic flare and ear for attractive compositions was coming to prominence years before his Avicii alias topped charts.

Releasing on Joia Records, the track has been relatively hidden to many of the recent editions to the dance music fan base and followership. However, it sits as a rightfully known one. Having been remixed  by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and CAZZETTE over the seven years, it has enjoyed a few alternative reworks. However, the classic original will remain a fan favourite to its listeners.

Soft pads and tribal pulsations create a basis for the elongated introduction. Teasing the melody around the a flurry of dynamic secondary chords, the track then takes a dramatic change in format. Nostalgic of last decade’s quintessential club sound, the vocal riff before the major progression makes for a fulfilling overall atmosphere.

Relive the masterful Tim Berg work below!

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