The Weeknd launches official music video for “Starboy” featuring Daft Punk

The Weeknd‘s highly anticipated single featuring Daft Punk arrived last week and took the music community by storm. Now, an official music video has popped up which is expected to further increase Starboy‘s reach. The video follows the vibe and tone set in the indie infused dark song, and shows Abel (The Weeknd) metaphorically kill a certain part of himself. Daft Punk make a brief cameo in the video as well, so pay close attention.

Starboy’s Spotify exclusive release last week has already gathered close to 28 million streams. We can expect similar (or likely even better) results on YouTube over the coming weeks.¬†Directed by Grant Singer¬†(the man behind multiple Weeknd projects), the video has already been nominated for MTV’s EMAs.

The Weeknd’s album is all set for release on the 25th of November.