Album Review: Empire of the Sun – Two Vines

Since breaking through the scene with their vastly successful 2008 album ‘Walking on a Dream’, Empire of the Sun have become one of the biggest acts within the entire music industry. Throughout their career, the Australian duo of Emperor Luke Steele and Lord Nick Littlemore have achieved numerous awards, including platinum certifications for their hits “Walking on a Dream” and “We Are the People”. Empire of the Sun also gained much recognition for their single called “Alive”, which is featured in the pair’s second studio album ‘Ice on the Dune’.

Over three years after the release of their last album, Empire of the Sun have finally dropped their highly anticipated third album named ‘Two Vines’. The album features some guest appearances from prominent names like Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, guitarist and singer Wendy Melvoin, and bass guitarist Tim Lefebvre. The original album consists of 11 total tracks, from “Before” to “To Her Door”, with the deluxe edition adding four more songs “Keystone”, “Lend Me Some Light”, “Welcome to My Life”, and a remix of “Walking on a Dream”.

‘Two Vines’ opens up majestically with “Before”, which kicks off the album with a bang. The infectious and genuine sounds Empire of the Sun has become renowned for are immediately felt and continue throughout the full collection. Three particular tracks that stand out are “There’s No Need”, “High and Low”, and “ZZZ”, which all illustrate the musical concept the duo has been implementing since their early beginnings. The album’s title track also possesses the blissful and uplifting electronic sounds that people expect from Empire of the Sun, as proven by the immense amount of support fans have given it.

Overall, Empire of the Sun return with an emphatic statement, proving their ground as two of the industry’s best talents. With its riveting and rejuvenating blend of instrumentals and vocals, ‘Two Vines’ is a must-have album for not only electronic music fans, but also for lovers of any high-quality music.

‘Two Vines’ is now available on iTunes here.