Album Review: King Arthur – Believe In The Kingdom

This week saw the release of future house superstar King Arthur‘s debut album, “Believe In The Kingdom“, a 12 track masterpiece released on HEXAGON. Over the last couple of years, King Arthur has soared in popularity, releasing hits such as “Belong To The Rhythm” and “Praise You” which catapulted him into the limelight. Having always been closely linked to Don Diablo and his label HEXAGON, it is not surprising that larger audiences are now discovering the talent that King Arthur has to offer.

The world class album begins with title track “Believe In The Kingdom” drawing the listener into the album with a hypnotic classical opening focused around a stunning piano solo. The track gradually builds with increasing emotion before moving into a captivating string section. The tempo quickly increases with the second track “Living For You” featuring Francis, a bouncy track which is accompanied perfectly by the vocals. The track certainly has a tropical feel while maintaining an emotional depth.

The third track on the album, “All We Need” featuring Underdown instantly taps into the emotion of the listener with the haunting vocals before descending into the huge house drop, injecting the track with a high level of energy. Following this, the energy builds up even more with perhaps one of King Arthur’s most popular tracks, “Talking About Love” featuring Trm. A cheerful and melodic song, it certainly encapsulates all of the classic elements of a successful future house hit, being both catchy and powerful.

Next on the list is “Belong To The Rhythm“, the track which pushed King Arthur straight into the limelight with it’s heavy and recognizable drop that received a positive reaction from house fans. HEXAGON label boss Don Diablo also created his own edit of the track which he regularly drops in his live sets, demonstrating that this track continues to make an impact on crowds despite being released over a year ago. As the album reaches it’s halfway point, fans are treated to King Arthur’s brand new single “Pretty Young Money“, the track which so far has received the biggest response from fans. The track is centered on the passionate vocals which are accompanied beautifully by all of the elements of the track, before it descends into an energetic and soulful drop that plays on the emotions of the listener.

Track number seven, “Mayday” featuring vocals from Kozze switches up the tempo turning the album in a new direction maintaining the momentum while slowing down slightly to a more chilled mood. Following this, “Never Gonna Give Up” featuring stellar vocals from Katie Sky ups the energy with a lively heavy hitting drop that is certain to have a huge effect on crowds. The bassline of this track definitely stands out due to its intense power and depth.

The next massive hit on the album, “House Is Fire” begins with some incredibly catchy vocals before increasing in tempo as the track speeds towards it’s classic future house drop, which is both cheerful and melodic. Track number ten, “Keep This Love” is another house banger with a drop that certainly has a groove to it and will have audiences dancing in no time.

The album also features a “Chill Mix” of “Praise You”, one of King Arthur’s best-known tracks. Contrary to the original, this is a much more stripped back version with clear tropical house influences. This version is an emotionally charged reflection of the original track, proving that King Arthur is hugely talented when producing music of any genre. The final track, “Last Hour” slows the tempo even more, starting off slowly while gradually building towards the climax of the track, which features a cheerful melody alongside the rhythmic beat.

The whole album showcases King Arthur’s talent spanning across genres, taking you on an adventure twisting and turning through the different styles of his music. With a debut album as strong as this, it is clear that this is just the beginning for King Arthur. The star is on a steady rise to the top and the album is certainly a dream come true:

‘Releasing an album has been something I’ve dreamt of and worked on for years, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to share ‘Believe In The Kingdom’ with the world. I wanted to make an album full of songs that both tell a story and make people dance, so these 12 tracks are a perfect representation of who I am as an artist. Everyone’s welcome, believe in the kingdom.”

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