Alesso feat. Jolin Tsai – I Wanna Know

Earlier this year, Swedish sensation Alesso released his massive collaboration with Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz for the record called “I Wanna Know”. After its successful campaign, the track receives a new rendition from Alesso himself, who featured the vocals of female Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai.

Throughout her illustrious career, the Asian pop vocalist has been one of the biggest icons in the entire music industry. Tsai is renowned internationally for her heavily supported albums such as ‘Magic’ in 2003 and ‘Dancing Diva’ in 2006. With the amount of success she has achieved, she was often referred to be “Asia’s Dancing Queen” and even as the “Asian Madonna”, which certainly proves the incredible talents and prowess she possesses behind the microphone.

Jolin Tsai has now returned to work and has joined forces with Alesso for a female version of the progressive house masterpiece “I Wanna Know”. With Tsai’s striking signature vocals blended with Alesso’s soothing melodies, this track combines two worlds together into one perfect universe. After the song’s such huge success with Nico & Vinz’ own vocals, this latest rendition of “I Wanna Know” with Tsai’s lovely voice will surely achieve similar, if not greater, results.

Check out the track below or download your own copy from iTunes here.