Appeal date set for Fabric Nightclub

After launching a fundraising campaign in order to fight against the closure of the iconic club, Fabric’s appeal date has been set. On the 28th of November, a legal battle will be fought to try and save the club. Having raised over £250,000, Fabric revealed in their transparency statement not only their appeal date but also a summary of how the donations are being spent, with most of the fund having been spent on legal costs.

Last month, Fabric’s license was revoked following the drug-related deaths of two teenagers. Since then, there has been an ongoing campaign to raise funds to cover the legal expenses of fighting against the decision. With support from artists, labels and fans, the donations quickly built up, now amounting to over £250,000. Along with the donations, there have been floods of support for the club, making the story go viral and even gaining international attention.

The appeal will take place on November 28th at Highbury Magistrates Court and Fabric is already starting to put together their case. The huge amount of money raised alongside the declarations of support shows clearly that people are not ready to lose the pioneering club space.

You can donate to the Save Fabric campaign here.

Source: Mixmag

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