Bassjackers & KSHMR ft. Sidnie Tipton – Extreme

KSHMR & Bassjackers have just announced via their social media that they will be collaborating and releasing a brand new track entitled ‘Extreme’ and will be released by Spinnin’ Records. This will be the pair’s second time collaborating together after their track ‘Memories’ featuring Sirah stormed into the scene as it hit clubs and festivals worldwide. ‘Extreme’ will feature the vocals of Sidnie Tipton who has previously provided vocals for KSHMR having sung on ‘Wildcard’.

‘Extreme’ is a different direction for both artists as they usually opt for the more energetic route with their productions. This track is much more vocal driven as Sidnie’s vocals are a key element as they appear in both the drop and the break, which is not the norm for most tracks produced by either artist. KSHMR’s iconic eastern style also has a strong presence within the track as the drop itself consists of a flute as well as being driven by KSHMR & Bassjackers powerful beat, therefore making it a very tasty mix.

This highly anticipated collaboration will be released & available later this month on October 24th. For the time being, Spinnin’ have uploaded a little preview for you to enjoy which you can watch below :