The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down (Parlé Remix)

Parlé, a new project consisting of three producers, have just released their first track, a massive future house remix of Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers. The remix puts a refreshing spin on the track, completely changing its’ style with a drop that certainly rivals the original viral hit.

Dropping you head first into the track, the first section is commanded solely by the heavy beat, which leads the groovy intro. At this point, the remix does not bare much resemblance to the original, but this quickly changes as the recognizable melody comes through. This is accompanied by the vocals which are slightly sped up, adding adrenaline to the build up as the anticipation grows. At this moment, the track completely shifts into future house, with a piano section accompanying the beat which begins to increase in speed. The drop brings together all of the winning elements of a future house track, with a happy and euphoric feel that will have crowds dancing in every club it hits.

This remix is definitely world class, and as it is the first release from Parlé it will be exciting to see what comes next from the trio. These up-and-comers may just be the ones to watch in the dance music scene over the coming months.

Download the remix for free here.

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