Coquillage & Crustacé – Chips

Two of France’s brightest upcoming producers recently made their presence known with their debut release. Coquillage & Crustacé, who have been gaining more notoriety across several French cities, just dropped their first-ever single titled “Chips”. Giving listeners a taste of their style of music, Coquillage & Crustacé fused in their signature tech house sounds and packed them into one absolute club banger.

These two French talents have been busy performing in many stages around France lately. Especially with their incredible selection of deep house, techno, and tech house tunes, crowds are certain to have a memorable time dancing during their sets. As their names began gaining more prominence, Coquillage & Crustacé decided to expand their career and enter the world of music production.

For their inaugural release, the pair unveils the tech house masterpiece titled “Chips”, which is definitely capable of lighting up any club around the world. Right off the bat, the track brings out its catchy claps and hats alongside some deep basslines and vocal chops.

As this record progresses, the energy becomes amplified with heavier beats and a more powerful delivery. Overall, with its well-designed underground elements and its top-notch production quality, this track will surely make its waves through any club or festival environment in the future.

“Chips” is now available for a free download below.