deadmau5 delivers diverse new track entitled “Analogical”

It’s been over 2 years since the last deadmau5 album was released but thankfully it looks as though we’re not too far away from the next one. The as of yet untitled album has been in the works for quite a while now and while we’ve heard snippets of a number of new tracks from the mau5, we still have no concrete idea of what will actually appear on the tracklisting but if the latest work in progress from Joel Zimmerman is anything to go by then we definitely won’t be disappointed.

Captured live from one of his recent, infamous Twitch livestreams, the tune entitled “Analogical” is expected to be on the next album, and without a doubt it’s one of the best tracks we’ve heard from the man in the mau5 head in years. A diverse, enchanting piece of progressive bliss, “Analogical” opens up as a vast sonic soundscape with a lush arpeggiated synth that blissfully floats over the opening three minutes of the production before a dark, ominous bass synth kicks in and dominates the next portion of the track as the arp soon comes back into play. A chill drum beat then finally kicks in at the 5 minute mark to give the track a bit of a punch. Some distorted almost 8-bit like sounds come into play as the track begins to come to a close.

Yet again, another chilled out masterpiece from the mau5. If the album contains more tracks like this then we’ve no doubt it’ll be one of the albums of the year.