deadmau5 relives numerous old-school projects during Twitch broadcast

Deadmau5 is a man known for many productions. Since the earlier stages of his rise to prominence, the Canadian producer has always kept himself busy inside the studio. From his first-ever album ‘Get Scraped’ on the independent label Zoolook Records to his most recent release ‘while(1<2)’, deadmau5 tends to have a knack of cooking up something brilliant for his fans. Especially with an upcoming new album currently in the works, “mau5heads” are definitely excited for what the progressive house mastermind has in stored.

While the anticipation for this release is growing, deadmau5 recently took his fans on a trip down memory lane during a live stream on his Twitch account. He broadcasted himself inside his technologically advanced production studio in which he is sitting down in front of his computer and playing a ton of his classic tracks. A few of these records dates back from 2005, including “Get Scraped” and “Support” from his debut album.

Deadmau5 also played a couple of his more prominent releases such as his remix of Carl Cox’s “I Want You”, his multi-platinum recording “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”, and “Fn Pig” from his sixth studio album, ‘> album title goes here <’. Check out the full live stream below and enjoy the array of nostalgic deadmau5 tracks.