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Eric Prydz revives Pryda alias with new release announcement

House icon Eric Prydz has made an almost 30-year career electrifying fans with his groundbreaking discography and mainstream talent. With singles like “Call On Me”, “Liberate”, “Opus” and more, the Swede has never hit the back burner when it comes to changing the EDM game and keeping the genre’s soul alive. With producers Marshmello, Bear Grillz, and the defining Daft Punk taking on the term alias, the genre has risen to another level these past few years. Prydz however, has stood tall and independently I might add, as a producer whose masked not only one but two altered identities as well.

His alias’s Cirez D and Prydz have been a staple in the music scene with their unique sound designs and compelling structural techniques for years. Both under record labels run by Eric Prydz himself, his labels Pryda and Mouseville have both done well in their own right. As he continually releases music as Cirez D, a recent Twitter post linked from Prydz proposes however at the comeback to his Pryda past. With the caption “Pryda is coming…” and a slue of likes from his devoted fans, the internet seems to be having a field day over what hopefully will be more than one release.

With basically the entire electronic music scene behind him, Eric Prydz has created a legacy for himself that is obviously hard to level with. His newest EP which will be released under his Cirez D alias announced as Mouseville 022, it’s only fitting for him to throw another curveball into the mix as we patiently wait. As Cirez D’s sound is catered to a more techno underground sound, it’s refreshing to know Prydz is welcoming back his discography past and letting his newer, younger generation of fans listen to what paved the way for today’s sound.

Make sure to check the tweet below and be on the lookout for Pryda and whatever comes our way this upcoming year.


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