Feeniks feat. Anya Glaz – Winter

Raphael Rüegg began his journey within the electronic dance music scene at a young age of 10. Better known by his moniker Feeniks, this Swiss producer has certainly come a long way from his early beginning stages to the high-level prowess he now possesses. For six years, Feeniks was able to hone his craft in music production and develop a signature sound that would likely propel his career to the next step.

Throughout his career, Feeniks has excelled with an impressive set of releases. Starting with his hard-hitting remixes of Amersy’s “Thanatos” and 3LAU and Nom De Strip’s “The Night”, this up-and-coming talent immediately displayed his capabilities of delivering club and festival-ready content. Feeniks then surprised the world with his two massive solo productions titled “Prelude” and “Racists”, which has accumulated a vast number of streams online.

Returning with another electro house tune, Feeniks recently released his brand new track called “Winter”. Along with the stunning vocals of Anya Glaz, this track fuses its several musical elements together into one astonishing auditory package.

Glaz’s voice meshes flawlessly with the piano chords and progressing melodies, which soon transition into the mighty drop. With its flurry of heavy basslines and oscillating synths, the climatic sequence effectively sends out the right amount of energy to pump up any crowd and finishes off this overall amazing tune in a spectacular fashion.

“Winter” is out now and you can download a free copy of the track here.