Funkerman ft. Enlery – Lovely Day

Funkerman is the other half of the founding identities of Flamingo Recordings, with Fedde Le Grand. Have been on the scene for well over a decade now, his influences include the likes of Daft Punk, James Brown and Curtis Mayfield.

Internationally renowned, he has also founder Can You Feel It Records. Coming from a background in US Hip Hop, he has a nostalgic ear for classic soul, disco, and funk. A frequent collaborator with Fedde himself, their track “3 Minutes To Explain” stings hits a chord with many established dance music fans.

Also championed for remixing the likes of Ida Corr, Moby, and even the Sugababes, Funkerman released a full-length album in 2010, titled ‘House For All’. Now running a number of projects and business ventures, his schedule includes consistent exporting of his Dutch mastery. Taking him to hidden corners of the dance music scene such as Kazakhstan and Iceland, he has also featured in the likes of the UK, USA, and Ibiza.

A specialist oh House, Deep House and Techo, one of his most notable tracks in recent times is Coming Home“. Regularly infusing his House music staple with elements from a wide variety of other genre’, his latest portfolio addition is no exception.

Returning to his very on Flamingo Recordings, “Lovely Day” employs the vocals of infectious vocals of Enlery with African flare and break-beat character. Layering in a tasty melody, the tracks tempo manipulation oozes music craft and a dynamic atmosphere.


Able to get your copy on Beatport today, check out the full preview below and let us know your thoughts on Funkerman’s latest magic!

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