Galantis & Hook N Sling unveil official music video for “Love On Me”

The official music video for Galantis‘ and Hook N Sling‘s  “Love On Me” is here, and it’s out there in the best way possible. “Love On Me” marked Galantis’ second official release since Pharmacy. The childlike, whimsical essence of the song starkly contrasts its lyrical theme, which evokes a “take no prisoners” mentality. The buoyant melodies and youthful vocals may seem to be a classic combination, but the result is summarily successful.

The video opens with a monk singing to the lyrics with a youthful voice, while in the next sequence  abstract monastery pictures are being displayed.  The disco-inspired track could not have resulted in anything besides a dance party, and in the video, a particularly odd one ensues. A temple serves as a colorful dance floor, cinematographic elements appear throughout the whole song, and dancing monks fill the temple in a scene that is as huge and ridiculous as the track itself. Check out the absurdity for yourself. We can guarantee you won’t be able to look at a produce section the same way again.

Ultimately, the video completes the uplifting and energetic aesthetics first evoked in the original track, offering a peculiar, yet fitting visual counterpart to the larger-than-life production.

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