Founding member of Gorillaz announced as Jaguar Racing’s new global ambassador

While in the process of creating their album, Gorillaz recently revamped their website and launched an official Instagram account. On their Instagram page, they posted a timeline that followed their illustrious career dating back to 2000 when they released their 4-track EP ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’. The series of posts continued up until they’ve reached ‘Plastic Beach’, as well as some of their live performances in the past. Switching gears to the next phase, Gorillaz began a new chapter on their timeline, titled ‘The Book of Noodle’. The most recent sequence followed Noodle’s journey, the founder member of the British band after the events of 2010’s Plastic Beach, including waking up in a Japanese fishing town and becoming an apprentice.

Now Noodle has been announced as the Global Ambassador of Jaguar Racing. As Jaguar Racing spearheads the development of next generation electric vehicle technology, Noodle will help to inspire the next generation of young engineers to be a part of the biggest change the car industry has ever seen.“It’s a baby – just two years old – and it only uses electric cars. Think of all the research and development into electrical engines! It will have benefits for the whole world, so I want to nurture it, support it and help it grow strong. Like one of those Tamagotchi. Remember them? Japanese invention.” said Noodle.

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