Hardwell confronts this year’s DJ Mag results in controversial fashion

It’s no secret that there are always some surprises in each year’s DJ Mag Top100 results, leading many fans to question the accuracy and relevance of the poll. And whilst it is certainly catches the attention of many of the world’s biggest DJs, some decide to ignore the poll and don’t launch campaigns to push fans to vote. Others question whether we should interpret the results as the best ‘DJ’ or best ‘producer’; two very different things. The rise in the number of campaigns urging fans to vote has seen the poll turn into more of a popularity contest than based on actual skill.

Last night Hardwell took to the microphone to express his frustration at the DJ Mag poll. The man who was previously held the crown of the world’s best DJ claims that lineups for big festivals are based too heavily on the poll’s results, using the example of Atmozfears as someone who does not get the chance to step into the limelight despite being an incredibly talented producer. And while many may disagree with his views, he does have some valid points in the sense that labels must be the ones to uncover new talent and expose them to large audiences, instead of simply promoting music from the popular names.

Of course, Hardwell isn’t the first DJ to have a dig at the poll, with Dillon Francis‘ video going viral earlier this week in which he names numerous DJs who would have a higher rank if the results were based on skill rather than popularity. As more and more of the world’s biggest names express their unhappiness at the poll, surely we will see a decline in its relevance and importance over the coming years. Has the poll just turned into a way for mainstream producers to expand their gigs into the Asian market, as claimed by 3lau? Or should we accept that the poll is voted for by the fans, therefore it must be in some way accurate?

Listen to the controversial words that Hardwell had to say about it below.