Highly Sedated – Got Some Water

Highly Sedated stands out as one of Size Record’s most notable rising talents, which is no small feat given the imprint’s formidable pool of contenders. Producing under their attractive moniker, the group is on the best way to establish themselves as one of Sweden’s heaviest electronic music exports. The quaking fortitude of Highly Sedated’s debut single “Existence” earned them attention from almost every single niche of the electronic music circuit. In a relatively short period of time, the group even managed to impress the label boss himself with their unmistakable style:

I’m lucky to be involved and I’m excited to be the chosen one, it’s very hard to find a group of friends that’s been through everything together to get here and their only purpose is to bring incredible music and art to the world. This is Highly Sedated. – Steve Angello

Now, the group is back with their latest release “Got Some Water”. For their latest Size contribution, Highly Sedated continue their mysterious trend by creating a cavernous sonic atmosphere. In “Got Some Water”, bustling synthesis is driven by cerebral lyrics and quaking percussion, endowing the track with equal parts depth, darkness, and danceability.

Stream “Got Some Water” below. The track is now out on Size records.

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